X-Factor Radio

X-Factor Radio was a New Wave/Alternative Rock…basically 70s-90s rock that started on KKXX with Steve Dobo, Steve Wilson and then me. Then the show was moved to KRAB radio and I continued to host it until I moved to SLO…I did host it for a tiny bit while I lived in SLO by recording the show and mailing it over. Then later Mike Bell also hosted the show. It actually was pretty cool when I would come back to the valley and be driving home to SLO Sunday nights hearing Bell host the show. 🙂

This list of songs is a growing list of songs that I played on the show. If you know of missing songs and there are a lot of them…post them and I will add them.

There are close to 500 songs in the playlist right now. Here is a link to the complete playlist in Spotify. And below that is an embed of the playlist but it only shows 100 songs.

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