The Cult…over 30 years and 30 members!

How many bands can say they have over 30 years under their belt and have seen a rotation of around 30 band members!

The Cult is Ian Astbury and Billy Duffy to me. I know it isn’t that simple but as long as those two are in the band I consider it The Cult.

For me my favorite Cult album is and always will be the Love album. That album came out in 1985 and I have owned numerous copies of it on vinyl/CD/Digital along with remixes/long versions/single versions. Rain and She Sells Sanctuary are the two big hits on the album and then Revolution…but for me the album from beginning to end is solid and it could have been released in 2021 and the sound would be just as relevant today as it was in 1985.

When The Cult released Electric in 87 it was a stark contrast to Love. Where Love was chorus heavy guitar tracks and reverb vocals…Electric was dry vocals and heavy guitars…it was more Zep and AC/DC influenced. Electric was produced by Rick Ruben and his influence is apparent. What I didn’t know till years later was that Electric had a different look/feel and was recorded as Peace originally and can be found by searching Manor Sessions. It is still heavier than Love but not as heavy as Electric.

Here is the Manor Sessions version of Wildflower

Electric to me is still a great album…just different than what I was used to from Death Cult and The Cult. The heavier sound would continue on over the years and multiple albums.

Recently The Cult came out with a new song and it is by far my favorite new Cult song in a long time. It is Libertine and it was released in 2019. It is heavy like Electric but the vocals come across somewhere between Love and Electric.

Here is a playlist that I put together with 2 songs from each Cult album. I picked one hit and one personal song that I like from each of the 10 albums along with the single Libertine to end the playlist.

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